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Membership Brochure:  Download Here (1.8 MB)

Top level and senior executives in the corrections field or businesses and educational facilities actively involved in the corrections arena are invited to submit applications for membership. Brief resumes must accompany all new member applications. Applications will be reviewed by AWEC’s Membership and Executive Committees to assure that proposed members meet the qualifications set forth by the Membership. The membership brochure gives information regarding AWEC and will be of value to individuals interested in obtaining membership. It also contains the new member application.

Click on the link below for guidance as to who qualifies for membership in AWEC.


AWEC Committee Chairs for 2017-2019

Maria Gutierrez               Program Committee Co-Chair

Heidi Steward                  Program Committee Co-Chair

Sandy Osteen                  Capital Development

Kathy Waters                   National Voice

Marirosa Lamas              Research

Annie Harvey                   Awards

Janet Dowling                  Membership

General Membership

The Association of Women Executives in Corrections is open to former or current full-time executives and senior level individuals in international, federal, state, local or private correctional agencies or corporations. Applications with resumes supporting candidate qualifications will be reviewed by at least three representatives of the AWEC membership committee for approval.

An active member may appoint a designee for any meeting, training program or other AWEC function. The designee may attend an Association meeting, but only the member’s vote may be cast on business matters. Association membership benefits include the newsletter, training opportunities, member directory, an upcoming website, and a supportive network of executive women in corrections.

Membership fee for general members is $100 annually. An agency membership is $300 for 1-4 members or $80 per member for 5 or more members (20% discount). Only one vote is possible for the agency membership.

Sustaining Membership

Sustaining Membership is available to those regular members who have retired or are working part-time. These members have all privileges of general members including a vote. Membership fee for Sustaining Members is $50 per year.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to individual executives or corporations who are engaged in education, research or business, which has a direct impact on or provides direct services to any federal, state, local, private and international correctional agencies/corporations.

Persons accepted for this membership will apply to the association in the same manner as proposed members and will be required to provide documentation as required by the association to ascertain qualifications for membership.

Membership privileges include participation in association functions including training, business meetings, and committee meetings. Such members have no voting privileges nor will they be allowed to hold office consistent with federal conflict of interest regulations.

Membership Costs

Please click the following links to pay dues

Individual Membership:

Individual membership: $100

Sustaining Membership:

(optional for regular members who retire): $50

Individual Membership:

3 year individual : $275

Register for Annual AWEC Conference – $200
Agency Membership (20% discount) please refer to application or brochure for specific prices.