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Everything you need to know about The Association of Women Executives in Corrections.


What is AWEC about?

The Association of Women Executives in Corrections is the active voice of women executives in corrections working towards reasoned change and the development of future leaders. Our mission is to provide leadership development for executive women, to support the career advancement of women in corrections, and to promote informed discussion of correctional issues in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

How is this put into practice?

AWEC supports senior executives through efforts, such as professional conferences, leadership training, and information dissemination through networking. In addition, AWEC’s members are dedicated to “EACH ONE…TEACH ONE .” This philosophy illustrates members’ belief that current women correctional executives need to mentor and provide opportunities for other women in the field. Current members are encouraged to mentor those in their agency and others they meet in their professional lives. A new opportunity for mentoring is the Emerging Executives (E2) training opportunity that will precede this year’s annual Fall conference.

An active member may appoint a designee for any meeting, training program or other AWEC function. The designee may attend an Association meeting, but only the member’s vote may be cast on business matters. Association membership benefits include the newsletter, training opportunities, member directory, an upcoming website, and a supportive network of executive women in corrections.

Membership fee for general members is $100 annually. An agency membership is $300 for 1-4 members or $80 per member for 5 or more members (20% discount). Only one vote is possible for the agency membership.

What are other goals of AWEC?

Some of the other goals are: (1) career retention strategies and executive management training; (2) the advancement of sound correctional techniques, particularly in the areas of program development, staff training, and correctional management; (3) public support for, and understanding of, the criminal justice system with particular emphasis on the corrections function; and (4) research in management, leadership, and sound correctional practices.

How long has the Association existed and how large is it?

AWEC was chartered in 1996 by 27 women correctional executives. Today its membership numbers over 200.

Who can join?

Regular membership in the Association of Executive Women in Corrections is open to former or current full-time executive and senior managers in correctional agencies and corporations at all levels of government and from the private corrections sector, as well as institutional and community-based corrections. Full-time executives or corporations who are engaged in education, research or business, which has a direct impact on and provides direct services to any federal state, local, private and international correctional agencies/corporations or senior managers and in educational or business entities that are working in the corrections field may apply for consideration as Associate Members.

Does the Association accept members who aren’t in corrections?

No, all members must be active or retired from the correctional field. However, in addition to formal membership, the Association has developed a network of partners. It has affiliate relationships with both the American Correctional Association and the American Probation and Parole Association. AWEC also has sponsor partners, which support the Association’s values and its work.

What are the benefits of membership?

Aside from the items mentioned above, an annual training conference and quarterly newsletter are provided. The Association completed a year-long strategic planning endeavor in 2006. As a result, it has developed opportunities for year-round member engagement through its committees such as Membership, Research, Capital Development, and National Voice. AWEC offers mentoring opportunities through the National Voice Committee. The Strategic Plan is updated regularly and a special Strategic Planning Session will be held in the Spring of 2012.
Another new initiative includes this website. AWEC’s website allows members to have easy access to all of the association’s activities and resources. Most AWEC business is conducted via email. AWEC is also establishing a Facebook page and a LinkedIn group for our members. In addition to the annual meeting, AWEC also offers update meetings at ACA and APPA conferences.

Who do I contact for more information or if I want to join?

The primary contact point for AWEC is Executive Director, Francine Perretta
, as shown below. Officers’ contact information is also provided if a specific issue would best be addressed by the President or a member of the Executive Committee. For more information, contact us.