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The desire to increase the leadership skills of female correctional executives and to develop the future generation of women correctional leaders has been longstanding. This aim sparked correctional trail blazers to develop a targeted training program for women executives in corrections.

The National Institute of Corrections first sponsored the Executive Women’s Leadership Program in 1994. Graduates of the first two classes developed the vision for a professional organization to advance and benefit women executives in corrections.

In 1995, a Steering Committee was established. The first organizational meeting of the Association was held in Chicago. These 27 charter members passed the constitution, adopted a mission statement and elected officers. In 1996, AWEC held its first conference.

With a membership that has grown to over 200, AWEC has become a dynamic professional organization where executive women in corrections can network with their peers, enhance their skills, and mentor future female correctional leaders. AWEC’s members are dedicated to the organization’s motto: EACH ONE…TEACH ONE

In 2009, AWEC became a 501(c)3 organization and received IRS designation as a public charity. AWEC has expanded its activities to include sponsorship of the annual Emerging Executives (E2) Training Institute in support of AWEC’s Mission Statement.



AWEC is the active voice of women executives in corrections working toward reasoned change and the development of future leaders.




As members of the Association of Women Executives in Corrections (AWEC), we believe that:

  • Developing women as executive leaders will enhance the effectiveness of the correctional field;
  • The power of relationships is the foundation for success;
  • By encouraging, mentoring and modeling, we support women in their efforts to achieve their full potential;
  • Trust, respect and integrity are inherent qualities for executive leadership; and
  • Diversity in membership, ideas and perspectives enriches the Association.



Association Affiliations


  • American Correctional Association
  • American Probation and Parole Association